Customer Recommendations

Customer Recommendations

Love my new carpet! Sellers were very responsive to my questions and made sure I was satisfied. Would recommend.
lunarangelwolf MorphMarket customer - Jul. 17, 2020

Great experience; seller was quick with communication and shipping and my gecko arrived in excelled condition just like the photo.
-sphayden999 MorphMarket customer - 5/14/20

Very fast response time! Got my gecko the next day after ordering and it was alive and packaged perfectly. They even threw in a little plant and some feeding cups. Will by from again in the future.
-austin_graham0926 MorphMarket customer - 5/6/20

Great People they were fast and care about the animal. Great experience I will order from them again in a heartbeat!
-acombs02 MorphMarket customer 4/28/20

My boyfriend and I have bought 4 snakes from D&E Reptiles. We could not be happier with our purchases as these snakes are quickly becoming favorites in our collection. A little over 4 months ago, we brought home 2 CB (captive born) Amazon Tree Boas. As promised by Mr. Garvin, these guys are feeding strictly on frozen/thawed fuzzies and have never missed a meal. ATB’s tend to carry the reputation in the hobby for nippiness, and these two have never even so much as struck at us, I believe this is because of the time and effort Mr. Garvin put into feeding/handling before selling them. About a month or two after adding out ATB’s to our collection, we brought home an absolutely stunning carpet python, and shortly after that, our jaguar carpet python. Both have been in our care for a little over 2 months now, have never skipped a feed, and have been an awesome start for intermediate level hobbyists such as our selves to learn and care for semi-arboreal snakes. Our carpet is growing like a weed and has since put several inches in length on her already. Mr. Garvin was 100% forthcoming about what to expect from our Jag, as well as the history and background of all of the snakes we’ve purchased. We’ve learned so much from Daniel at D&E reptiles and are truly excited to see what they will continue to produce and have for sale! I definitely expect to make several purchases from them in the future, and if you are considering bringing home a pet from D&E, I 100% recommend you should, don’t hesitate!
-Valerie Emerson

D&E Reptiles is by far one of my all-time favorite places to do business with! I make sure to go to every Expo to see their booth and I’m always greeted with welcoming arms and new knowledge on their precious Geckos and carpet pythons. This is a business I can trust based on the fact they know what they’re doing when it comes to raising such beautiful reptiles. There’s always a vast variety of cool morphs available; you’ll never leave not satisfied when finding the new critter to take home. They will always have my business and they should defiantly receive yours. Check them out any chance you get too!
-Dylan DeMorrow

Daniel is such a great guy! Knows his stuff and the passion he has for reptiles is tangible! I met him and Jerry the Crested Gecko at a reptile show 3 years ago in Birch Run and I went home with a baby crested gecko I named Squishy!! He answered all my questions and remembered my little guy each time I saw them the following months at the shows that preceded my purchase. I felt I could contact him any time for any questions good or bad! I even bought another baby crestie 2 years ago! My go-to for healthy happy reptiles and any and all questions! The motto says it all! "Reptiles Done Right"!!!
-Heather Kitchen

D&E Reptiles is an awesome place to shop and get information from. I buy all my crested gecko supplies through them and they have always been awesome people to work with, nice and friendly. I bought my first crested gecko from them and now I have seven! They got me hooked and they always help when I need information. I would definitely recommend them. Five-star rating from me!!!
- Steven Riley

D&E Reptiles are amazing breeders. When first purchasing my crested gecko, they offered loads of useful information and gave me a card so I could contact them if I had any questions later. Not only are they extremely helpful and kind people, their animals are very healthy and alert, and always a reasonable price. They are by far one of the best crested gecko/gargoyle gecko breeders I have seen.
- Emily Jolly

Outstanding customer service, I would have an answer to a question within the hour, sometimes in minutes, and they are always willing to help out any way possible. The geckos they have are all very healthy and have great coloration to them. Would highly recommend D&E Reptiles to anyone I talk to who is in the market for crested or gargoyle geckos.
- Tyler Blauwkamp

I just recently bought my first gargoyle gecko from D&E reptile and they have been nothing short of amazing! Not only were they very enthusiastic about helping me pick out my new baby but they made sure I had everything I needed to care for my little one. They are super organized so they were able to show me the beautiful parents of my little one on their website. The little gecko I got was beautiful, chubby, and just perfect. Their customer service is awesome too. They respond very quickly online to any questions I have had no matter how stupid they are. I would definitely buy a reptile from them again. I highly recommend D&E Reptile!
-Amanda Jane Powell

Here at D&E Reptiles, we strive to produce quality, healthy animals for our customers. We also pride ourselves in excellent customer service and are always here for any questions or help you may need with your reptiles. So please don't hesitate to shoot us a message via email or message us on Facebook

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