About Us

About Us
Our Motto:

"Reptiles Done Right"

It was at a young age when I started dreaming of someday being able to work with reptiles just like my idol Steve Irwin. when I was 21 I bought my first Albino Corn Snake and in just a few months I quickly found myself surrounded by 45 various snakes and reptiles in my home.

10 years ago, I purchased my first Carpet Python at a reptile expo and named him "Shag". As I learned more about Carpet Pythons my passion for them grew exponentially not just because of their impressive size but also their potential gentle personalities.

D&E Reptiles was started in 2012 when we first started hatching Crested Geckos. Hatching those first two is what started our fascination with Geckos. Throughout the years we have worked with lots of different species of geckos. We currently are breeding Crested, Gargoyle, Malaysian Cat, White Line Geckos, Mourning & Sarasinorum Geckos.

We have a large breeding collection consisting of mostly Beautiful Cream Harlequin Crested Geckos this year. We keep all of our hatchling Crested Geckos in individual cages with a substrate to ensure they will retain their perfect full tails. We also currently have 15+ female Gargoyle Geckos breeding for us this year. With our Gargoyle Geckos, we strive to produce a wide variety of Banded, Reticulated, Striped, Red Blotched and Red Striped patterns. On our Breeder Page, you can find our 2019 Gargoyle Gecko Breeder Groups, and we can't wait to see what we hatch from them!

We sell our animals at several Reptile Expos throughout the Midwest. Come visit us at one of the reptile expos to meet our mascots Mighty Mace & Super Jerry!

Like our motto says "Reptiles Done Right"! We take that to heart here and want nothing less than the best for our animals. We will always take the extra step to ensure our animals are taken care of the right way. The way we do things here at D&E Reptiles allows us to offer you the highest quality reptiles to add to your family.

Thanks for visiting our website! You can always contact us by email:daniel@dereptiles.org
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